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For over 40 years, Great Lakes Crane Rental has offered Metro Detroit crane rental, field engineering, rigging services, light/heavy hauling, and indoor/outdoor secured storage. In that time Great Lakes Crane has developed a simple philosophy, treating the customer fairly and providing superior service. By having a wide range of equipment encompassing many different aspects of your hoisting job, Great Lakes has truly become the "One Stop Shop" for quality crane work at competitive pricing! You needn't look any further than Great Lakes Crane Rental to secure the needed equipment and manpower to accomplish your job.

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Great Lakes Crane Rental maintains of the largest fleets in the Detroit area! To remain competitive in the crane rental industry, we've continued to upgrade our machinery to provide the most advanced cranes we can. In order to provide our customers with the very best service available, all our cranes come equipped with special rigging and spreader bars to handle any special need your hoisting assignment demands. 

Here is a list of what is currently in our fleet

- Boom Trucks (10 - 80 Tons)
- Truck Cranes (30 - 120 Tons)
- All Terrain Cranes (60 - 550 Tons)
- Rough Terrain Cranes (15 - 80 Tons)
- Mantis Track Cranes
- Rough Terrain Cranes
- Mini-Cranes

Whether it's short-term or long-term, we have the facilities and capabilities to store, warehouse, and ship your equipment as required regardless of size, quantity, or destination. We have a large warehouse and a 2 acre secure lot to house all your vital equipment.  In order to provide the best service possible, we encourage you to have your gear/units shipped directly to us making install a breeze!

Once your equipment has arrived in our yard, our full fleet of semis and trucks can bring everything out right to the job site. Everything is handled "in house" by our licensed and insured drivers as we NEVER third party your valuable equipment like some of our competitors. Following the lift we will even take and haul your old units away!

Great Lakes Crane Rental works all throughout the Southeast Michigan/Metro Detroit area! 

- Macomb County
- Oakland County
- Wayne County
- St. Clair County
- Washtenaw County
- Livingston County
- Genesee County
- Monroe County

Arrangements can be made outside our Primary Service Area, so please call for more details!

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

You can give us call at (313) 365-1200 or e-mail us at to get the rental process started. One of our helpful Sales Staff will be there to take your job dimensions and discuss the details of what is needed at your lift.  From there we can set up a Site Survey or book your crane immediately. Its just that easy!

When contacting us regarding a lift, it is very helpful to have the following dimensions/measurements ready to go so our Sales Staff can get you into the right sized Crane:

- Weight of Object being lifting
- Distance from where the object is being set to the edge of the building towards where the crane will be set
- Height of the building the object is being set on
- Distance from the building to where we can park the crane
- The conditions of the ground where the crane will be parked (Asphalt, Concrete, Dirt, etc)

Yes! All Great Lakes Crane Rentals come with a licensed and certified operator. A rigger can be arranged for an additional charge if needed.

Great Lakes does not offer "Bare Rentals" of equipment.

No. All of our rentals come with an operator and we do not offer "Bare Rentals"

Yes 100%! All Site Surveys performed by our trained and experienced staff are always free of charge. Contact us today at  (313) 365-1200 or to get your free site survey scheduled!

That depends on the situation surrounding your lift. Often times our sales staff can size you up for a crane via phone/email.  However, if this is a bigger lift or involves a more complicated set of parameters a site survey is always recommended. Our sales staff can help advise you of what is the best way to go so please give us a call!

Absolutely YES! All of our cranes from small boom trucks to our huge 550 ton carry the proper insurance, have gone through all the necessary yearly/daily inspections, and are operated by certified operators. 

That will depend on many factors including size of crane, how long you need the rental, where the lift is, and any other additions needed for your job.  Contact us today and we will be more than happy to put a quote together for you!

Yes! Here at Great Lakes we have an expansive storage yard ready to receive your equipment, and our fleet of trucks can haul it right out to the job site. Many of our clients have their gear shipped right to us and we'll bring it our the day of your lift making install a breeze! 

Better yet, if we get your old intact units back then storage and shipping are FREE!

Great Lakes Crane Rental offers a full service line of cranes ready to perform your lift!  Here is what is currently in our fleet:

- Boom Trucks (10 - 80 Tons)
- Truck Cranes (30 - 120 Tons)
- All Terrain Cranes (60 - 550 Tons)
- Rough Terrain Cranes (15 - 80 Tons)
- Mantis Track Cranes
- Rough Terrain Cranes
- Mini-Cranes

Here are some of the things that we have to offer as a full service hoisting company:

- Large Assortment of Rigging
- Spreader Bars (up to 100 ton capacity)
- Roof Gantries
- Man Baskets (Fixed and Hanging)
- Hoppers
- Moon Buggies
- Moon Hoisters
- Box Spreaders
- Certified Riggers

We accept cash, check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX) payable at the conclusion of your lift.  You can also apply for credit to be put on terms (Net 30 Day) if you are planning on doing a lot of work with us! 

NOTE: For any out-state contractors we ask please for payment up front or a deposit.

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